Given our collaborative nature, it’s logical for us to form partnerships with others.

90% of our commercial partnerships are with companies that our Members own. This approach enhances our Members’ comprehension of their investments and guarantees mutual success for all parties involved.


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Founded in 1961, Sealord is 50% owned by Iwi, which includes our Members holding an indirect 12% interest in the company. We provide Sealord with 9,000 mt of deepwater fish stocks each year, including hoki, orange roughy, hake and ling.

We manage our premium inshore fish in partnership with Moana New Zealand (formerly “Aotearoa Fisheries Ltd”). We contribute 1,000 mt of ACE and receive 50% of profits. Additionally, we supply Moana with ACE for highly migratory species and paua. Collectively, our Members own a 25% stake in Moana New Zealand.

Port Nicholson Fisheries (PNF) stands as the foremost Maori owned live lobster exporter, managing 600mt and ranking as the largest North Island exporter. As one of three founding members, we own a third of the business alongside Parininihi ki Waitotara and Ngati Mutunga ki Wharekauri (Chatham Islands).

For more than a decade, we have been providing our pelagic fish stocks, such as jack mackerel, blue mackerel, kahawai and tuna to Pelco. Pelco, a privately owned Maori whanau business specialising in Pelagic fish, is located in Mount Maunganui.