Our Tohu (Logo)

Our┬átohu (logo) is a kaitiaki – a traditional Maori guardian of people, places and treasure.

The kaitiaki brings together two distinct body forms; one representing our tikanga (traditional teachings, as they relate to the oceans and fisheries, passed down from generation to generation) and the other body form represents entrepreneurship and our commercial aspirations to provide for our families and community. While some view conservation and commercialisation as two opposing forces, we prefer to view them as two sides of the same coin.

The ‘eyes‘ are prominent, actively scanning the horizon searching for opportunity and risk.

The ‘backbone’ symbolises the mahi (work) of our tupuna (elders), our leaders and every person who has contributed to the restoration of rangatiratanga (customary authority) in New Zealand seafood. It is also the bridge that merges our commercial imperatives and environmental responsibilities.

The ‘scales’ represent our Iwi Members who retain their individual identities yet are strengthened by acting collectively. The scales are a protective layer that guard and uphold the kaupapa (heart and purpose) of our organisation.

The emerald green and deep blue hues represent pounamu (New Zealand jade) and the changing faces of the moana (sea).


Tohu designer: Aisha Ross, 23ika limited.