Our Assets

We manage 16,000 tonne of fish on behalf of our Iwi Members.

ACE (Annual Catch Entitlement) refers to fishing rights that derive from underlying quota shares. ACE entitles its holder to harvest a set volume of fish species from a specific geographical area around the coast of New Zealand known as a “Fisheries Management Area”. ACE volumes are set by the Minister of Fisheries (MPI) annually and fluctuate depending on a number of factors including the sustainability of the species.

Settlement Quota

The quota shares owned by our Iwi Members were allocated to them under a fisheries settlement between Maori and the Crown (New Zealand Government). The settlement recognised the historic association between our Iwi Members and their communities as the original inhabitants of Aotearoa, New Zealand, and the sea. It is this association that was expressly protected by the Treaty of Waitangi. The quota shares that derive from the settlement forever carry the unique abbreviation, “SET” referring to their Treaty “SETtlement” origins. Only quota allocated to Iwi under the fisheries settlement can legally carry this title. All other quota is called “Normal” quota.

The fisheries system used in New Zealand is known as the “Quota Management System” (QMS). The QMS was applied in New Zealand in 1986 making our nation the international leader in fisheries management, a title the industry is working hard to retain through revolutionary fishing technologies like Seafood Precision Harvesting (PSH). The QMS is not a perfect fisheries management system but it heralded a significant improvement on pre-1986 era, and it is flexible enough to adopt continuous improvement.

Other Assets

In addition to owning Settlement quota, our Iwi Members own income shares in Moana (formerly Aotearoa Fisheries) which in turn owns 50% of deepsea company, Sealord. While our 14 Iwi Members receive dividends from their income shares in Moana, all control shares are currently held by national Maori fisheries body, Te Ohu Kaimoana which also holds 20% of Moana’s income shares. However, a recent review of the parent legislation, Maori Fisheries Act 2014, has recommended that all Te Ohu Kaimoana income and control shares are returned to Iwi ownership by 2018.

The income shares in Moana remain in the ownership and management of our Iwi Members although we do discuss strategic issues.

Precision Seafood Harvesting, Innovation in Sustainability & Cleantech and Supreme NZ Innovator

Revolutionary Seafood Precision Harvesting (PSH) technology (2015)


Revolutionary Seafood Precision Harvesting (PSH) technology (2015)