Nau mai. Welcome to the Iwi Collective Partnership website.

We’re a limited partnership established by and for the benefit of our Iwi Tribal Members. Specialising in Treaty fishing rights and kaitiakitanga (responsible fishing), we are proud to be the largest tribal collective in New Zealand.

Our tribal fishing rights give us access to the same oceans and coastal waters that our ancestors fished a thousand years ago.

Working together in a collective improves economic returns, creates cost savings and provides greater social and cultural opportunities for the benefit of our tribes and the communities they serve.

We work collectively because doing so creates greater value than working alone.

Our tribal communities are connected by whakapapa (shared geneology). Sharing the same DNA means we are effectively a very large family business.

Get a hold of us via the Contact page if you’d like to learn more about us.

Mauri ora!


Iwi Member representatives at C Company Memorial House, Gisborne (2016).